2017 Industry Report

18/03/2017 08:03:32

Ha Viet:
As an enterprise under the General Department of Logistics, Ministry of Defense. Equitization under the guideline of the Ministry of Defense in 2009 in the context of a complex market economy, the impact of the financial crisis has caused many difficulties for domestic export enterprises Especially the textile business, Garment. But with the high determination, unceasing efforts of the staff, the unanimity and unanimity of the collective of employees, 28 Joint Stock Company Da Nang has gradually overcome difficulties, stability and development. , Affirming its position in Central and national markets.
Located on an area of ​​14,000m2, 67 Duy Tan Street, Hai Chau District - the central district of the city. The process of carrying out the task always receives the attention and support from command leaders at all levels, spacious facilities, modern machinery and equipment, staff cadre nearly 900 people, You are applying the quality management system ISO 9001: 2008; The SA 8000: 2008 social responsibility system, which goes to SA 8000: 2014 in 2017, is a prerequisite for the company to successfully fulfill its assigned tasks to meet the socio- The society of the city and the country, empowering the market in increasingly complex competition.
With 20 years of experience in the field of garment, the Company has step by step approached, improved and conquered strict standards and strict conditions of the EU and US markets. Brand and place in the field of uniform and protective clothing. Not only effective production and export business, Da Nang Joint Stock Company always performs well the task of defense, ensuring the military equipment for units in the Central Highlands.
With a quality philosophy in the forefront; The human factor is important. The company has constantly improved its production and business activities, bringing the best quality products to consumers. Improving the material and spiritual well-being of staff through specific activities such as organizing free lunches for employees; give a birthday present; wedding gift; Tet gifts…; Hire car for laborers to return home for Tet and pick up after Tet; Organize visits to cool; Sports and entertainment exchanges with the following units: 3-naval Command, Brigade 683; Petroleum depot 182; Petroleum Company Region II; Hoa Thuan Tay Ward ... has created a cheerful atmosphere, solidarity in the unit and tighten the army.
Not only well perform business tasks, build strong comprehensive unit. 28 JSC Da Nang is always interested in contributing to good social work charity. By the contributions of the collective workers, in 2016 the company has built and repaired 03 houses of gratitude for employees; Support the construction of 03 gratitude houses for disadvantaged families in Hai Chau District; Support for the "For the poor" fund; Give gifts to poor children in difficult circumstances on the month of action for children ...
Along with the recovery of the world economy and strong growth momentum of Vietnam's economy, in 2016, the 28th Da Nang joint stock company excellently exceeded the target set by the higher level awarded the title of Lao Progress, Party clean and strong. On the momentum to come, in 2017, Da Nang 28 Joint Stock Company is determined to reach and exceed the targets with a growth rate of 9% compared to 2016, aiming to build a multi-branch company, leading in the field. Textile - Garment in the Central.

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