The textile industry 2013 will flourish

09/03/2017 04:03:19

This is the opinion of Ninh Thi Ty - Chairman - CEO Chien Thang Garment Joint Stock Company, Ho Guom Garment Joint Stock Company, in the discussion on the development prospects of textile and apparel industry in 2013.


According to Ty, due to the impact of the global economic crisis, there is increasing competition in the garment market increasingly fierce due to the massive development of cheap garments from China, India, South countries. Asia, the cost of processing garments reduced by 30-50%, the domestic market flooded with imported goods, tax evasion ... forced many textile and garment enterprises have to structure their own direction.

- How is the manager of two big brands in the "textile village" namely Ho Guom Garment and Chien May Garment, how do you look at the performance of the garment industry last year?


Vietnam Textile and Apparel Association (VITAS) has stated that 2012 is a difficult year for Vietnamese garment enterprises. In terms of export markets, most enterprises are short of orders, especially in the low season. Many businesses have to shrink the scale of production, reduce hours, even shut down and stop working.


In addition, input prices continue to rise. In particular, labor costs increase while output tends to decrease. Therefore, competition for orders and labor among the textile and garment suppliers in the world took place fiercer, making textile and garment enterprises more difficult.

Meanwhile, the domestic market is quiet, consuming slowly, inventory increases as consumers tighten their spending. The policies of the State in spite of the direction to create conditions for businesses, remove difficulties but not resolved definitely and timely for businesses along with the bank interest rates have been reduced but still remain at the level High pressure is on the business.

In spite of this, in 2012, the export turnover of the whole textile and garment industry continued to grow despite the slowdown, reaching 7.4% compared to 2011, of which FDI enterprises contributed about 60 % Of total export turnover of the sector.


- However, in that context, there are some textile and garment companies firmly before the "storm", but with May Ho Guom, why?


For Ho Guom Garment, from the year 2008, the company anticipated and planned its own development strategies such as: Moving from the production of processing to the passive of order, price to find the source of product consumption, Take initiative in production and business. In addition, with China's pricing strategies to strive, taking the quality of the world-famous brand as the target. The company has invested many modern machines specialized in each production line ... Thanks to that, we have built a solid development orientation in each stage, synchronous implementation of many measures, especially Is the management, production, business, effective use of investment capital. Brand reputation Ho Guom May has been confirmed, products such as shirts, trousers, jeans, children's clothing, knitted clothing, women vet ... has gradually become the strength of the company. Customers from Europe, America, Japan to the company more and more, including the big names such as Mango, Target Stores, Lee, Catimini, South Pole, Jack Wolfskin ... Can say, up to now The company has built its own brand at home and abroad, affirming a Vietnamese textile brand. Therefore, in the difficult context of 2012, the company's revenue still reached 285 billion dong, profit reached 5.5 billion.


However, despite the anticipation, the company still faces certain difficulties because Vietnam competes with the major countries of high-end products, while cheap and medium garments are difficult to compete with. Countries such as Laos, Cambodia and Bangladesh are tax exempt. Therefore, in 2012 the orders of small companies, the market is shrinking, the contract of high-grade brand fell sharply.

- Many experts said that 2013 is still a difficult year for garment enterprises. So you have set out orientation, development strategy for May Hoan Kiem Lake?


May Hoan Kiem is especially interested in developing the domestic market, striving to increase domestic sales by 200% in the coming years.
In my opinion, the textile and garment industry in 2013 will be more favorable, as in the first quarter the company has received many orders compared to the first quarter of 2012. Therefore, in 2013, the company's revenue is expected to increase by 10 -15%. In addition to objective advantages as the world economy has recovered, domestic Government has a number of policies to stimulate the domestic economy to develop so the market flourishes. At the same time, the company actively develops the market, reaching customers through domestic and foreign trade promotion such as participation in fairs, exhibitions, product introduction ...


With the strategy of sustainable development, the company will constantly improve technical, intensive investment, renovation of advanced equipment and technology in order to improve productivity, product quality, increase income for laborers. From 4.2 million to 4.4 million VND / person / month, in parallel with the organization of delegations to study in developed countries to improve skills, design ... to improve quality. The quantity of products as well as the diversification of products, the increase of income for laborers, bring many models of time

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